Thursday, October 11, 2018

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Easy Terms & Conditions: 

1. Minimum Account We Manage $1000 

2. One Time Account Management Fee $200

3. Payment Accepted PayPal or Skrill

4. For Better Profits $1000 Account is Good

5. Profit sharing 50 - 50

6. Whenever We Make 40% Profit on Your Capital, Pay us 50% From Profit
     For Example on $1000 account, whenever we make $400 Profit, then pay us $200 from $400

7. We are Independent traders team, we are no way concern in any manner with any binary broker. Chose your own choice binary broker to open binary a/c. 

High Profits

We Can Make High Profits on  2k 5k 10k Accounts with Cumulative trading method

4th November 2019

9th October 2019

Trading Statement

Open Your Binary Account with your own name and fund your binary account with your own named Debit card or Bank wire transfer, after that send me your binary account login details with your own wish, I will placed trades in your Binary Account, on be half of you, when you are giving your binary account to me, that means you are giving me permission to place trades in your binary account. I am no way concern in any manner with any binary brokers. so chose your own choice binary broker. I am independent Professional Binary Trader.

How Binary Options Trading Works in USA Exchange? Check Below Sample Trade

Expiry time 1 hour ( 9 AM)

Investment made $38.75 on 1 contract

Price Selected for Expiry Above 1.11460  at expiry 9am

If the EUR/USD Price above 1.11460 level at expiry 9AM, then the USA Exchange will settle my Contract with $100.

If the EUR/USD price is below 1.11460 at 9AM, then I will lose the trade, and I will lose $38.75 money which I invested on the Trade.

here my net profit $100 - $38.75 = $61.25

But Check Below Screen shot, I have closed the trade before its expiry with some profits, I have not waited for expiry, because if the market goes against my expected direction, then my contract profit value will reduce in the live market, and I can lose my profit, so I have closed the trade with $48 Profit.

Risk Avoiding : If I wait for Expiry, then all of sudden if price against me at near by expiry time, then I will lose the money which I invested on the trade. so for safe side I have closed the trade before its expiry with some profits. Here I Invested $38.75 and got profit $48 on 1 contract. If I place 10 contracts ( $38.75 x 10 = $387) then my profit will be ( $48 x 10 = $480) Here on 10 contracts Risk $387 Profit $480... We Place trade contracts according to the account Funding size)

$2000 Binary Accounts - We Apply Cumulative Trading Method
with this method we can make more profits with Limited Risk

Check Below Statement

1st Trade Invested $215 for 5 Contracts ( Got $100 x 5 = $500) 
2nd Trade Invested $450 for 10 Contracts ( Got $100 x 10 = $1000)
3rd Trade Invested $996 for 20 Contracts ( Got $100 x 20 = $2000) 

1st Trade Profit $285 ( $500 - $215)
2nd Trade Profit $550 ( $1000 - $450)
3rd Trade Profit $1004 ( $2000 - $996)

Some times it works, some time not work, If not works, then we lose only $215 which We started with First Trade.
If it works, then we can make Profit $1750 - $1800  with $200 - $250 Risk
Here Consecutively when we win 3 trades with doubling the contracts size
then we can make big profit with limited Risk

Please Remember, Binary Options are highly Profitable Instrument along with High RISK, Before Entering in this business, you have to understand the RISK Disclaimer